I am having trouble getting International Shipping Quotes!

As different countries have different address formats, Myparcel will only produce quotes if the user inputs the correct address format for their chosen country. Below are some of the formats for the most common countries Myparcel customers ship to: Country Myparcel Format Examples Canada Postcode M1B1B1 OR V5K0A4 China Province, postcode Shanghai 200052 OR Shufu […]

How do I print?

There are a number of different Myparcel documents you may need to print, including: Labels Manifests Booking Details Receipts Consignment Notes Customs Declarations / Commercial Invoices Some of these are in the form of a PDF document, and some are in the form of a Web Page (HTML document), and the method of printing each […]

Printing is too small or too big

If you are trying to print a booking, label, manifest, consignment note, customs declaration or receipt and it is printing too small or too large on the page, or using too many pages to print, you will need to adjust your browser’s print settings. Every browser has a different method for changing the size of […]

Why do I have a price adjustment notification?

Myparcel may send you a price adjustment notification to refund, discount or surcharge your booking. Some of the possible reasons why you may receive an additional charge include but are not limited to: The declared weight is less than the actual weight The freight dimensions that were entered in Myparcel are incorrect Freight wasn’t packaged […]

As a business, what do I need to consider before shipping to international markets?

As a business, before offering your product to an international market (or markets), we recommend: Researching the restrictions and regulations of the country you wish to ship to Identifying a demand for your product, and where your product will stand among local competition Understanding the duties and taxes you may face Have a policy in […]

What can’t I send internationally?

All countries have different specifications of what they will import and export. It is the sender’s responsibility to research and comply with: the rules and regulations of the country of import, and the rules and regulations of the country of export (Australia) If you do not comply with these regulations, you may be liable for […]

Can I send excess luggage with Myparcel?

Yes, you can send excess luggage through Myparcel, provided you are able to declare all the contents of your luggage and will be able to provide a secure location to drop off and pick up the luggage while you are travelling. Keep in mind, your luggage will most likely take longer to arrive in the […]

What if my shipment contains multiple item types? Do I need to declare them all?

Yes, you need to declare each individual item. For example, if you are sending a woman’s t-shirt, candle and silver bracelet in the same box, you need to declare each item using its individual AHECC Code. Countries like to keep track of how much/many of each item type they are importing into their country, particularly […]