About Aramex/Fastway

Aramex, formerly known as Fastway, has more than 30 years’ experience providing cost-efficient courier services. Aramex/Fastway has over 900 franchise partners across the country and delivers to both commercial buildings and residences.  Aramex/Fastway only delivers cartons, satchels, and envelopes. There are some restrictions on the weight and dimensions of freight Aramex/Fastway will collect: Maximum weight: 25kgs Maximum length: 199cms Maximum […]

About TNT International/FedEx

TNT International, now known as FedEx, makes the complexity of international freight a simple and smooth process. TNT International provides all the correct paperwork ensuring your freight gets through customs effortlessly and provides tracking through every step of the process for the sender and receiver to keep track of the booking. TNT International/FedEx can ship anywhere in the world. The […]

About Cope Sensitive Freight

Cope is an Australian transport carrier known for its high-quality care and service. They hold depots in all capital cities and major centers around Australia. Cope has a fleet of 350 trucks and offers tailgate service nationally. Cope charge a surcharge for residential delivery at each end – we build this cost into the quoted price you receive when using […]

About Followmont Transport

Followmont is a QLD based family-owned transport company that specifically services QLD and NSW. They own over 1000 vehicles and are spread across 18 depots. They transport satchels, cartons, pallets and skids and offer both commercial and residential pickup and delivery. Followmont provides six stages of tracking from pickup, in depot, in transit, at delivery depot, out for delivery and […]

About Sadleirs

Sadleirs is a family-owned, Australian transport company providing interstate road and rail transport. Sadleirs only pick up and deliver to businesses. Myparcel’s customer service team will call and book consignments made with Sadleirs on behalf of Myparcel customers. Please note, Sadleirs charge their tailgate service based on time used to load/unload freight. General Service Sadleirs general service is the most […]

About Northline

Northline is an Australian based logistics business delivering freight by road, rail sea and air across the globe. Northline provides detailed tracking for each consignment, showing tracking on major events from pickup to delivery. They are renowned for their service coverage and inexpensive pricing for B2B deliveries of bulky and oversized items. Northline can provide a tailgate lift if required. […]

About TNT

TNT is an Australian born transport carrier. TNT are known for their detailed tracking and reliable service. Their service operates throughout Australia. TNT provides both residential and commercial pickup and delivery. However, TNT charge a surcharge for residential delivery at each end – we build this cost into the quoted price you receive when using Myparcel. This charge varies based […]

About Toll Express

Toll Express is known for B2B bulk/pallet movements throughout Australia. Toll Express provides competitive pricing and service. Toll Express provides a reliable and professional service. At this time, Toll Express does not deliver to residential addresses. Toll Express provides a tailgate service for every consignment.   « Home

I am having trouble getting International Shipping Quotes!

As different countries have different address formats, Myparcel will only produce quotes if the user inputs the correct address format for their chosen country. Below are some of the formats for the most common countries Myparcel customers ship to: Country Myparcel Format Examples Canada Postcode M1B1B1 OR V5K0A4 China Province, postcode Shanghai 200052 OR Shufu 844100 England Town, Postcode Manchester […]