What is the On-Time Rating?

When Myparcel displays quotes to deliver freight there is a column with heading “On-Time Rating” which contains a star rating for each transport carrier service.

The rating displayed for each quoted service is based on statistics collected by Myparcel regarding actual pickup and dropoff dates and their variation from the requested pickup date or estimated delivery date for shipments. The actual pickup and dropoff dates are obtained using the transport carrier’s own tracking data.

The rating formula uses the percentage of pickups and dropoffs which are on-time and the overall average days late recorded for each service to calculate the number of stars, with a maximum rating of 5 stars.

The more stars displayed the more often that service has collected goods promptly as requested, and/or delivered goods within the time estimated. If the message “Not available” is displayed instead of a star rating, that means there have been insufficient statistics gathered so far to determine a reliable rating for that service.

As a user of Myparcel freight services you may wish to consider this information along with other information provided, such as price and ETA, to help choose the service that best meets your needs. Note that the rating does not necessarily reflect the service performance to expect in your particular circumstance or location.