What is warranty?
Myparcel has teamed with FreightSafe to provide optional warranty cover for all customers sending freight. Myparcel’s warranty covers the value of goods lost or damaged while in transit.

How do I select the warranty option?
The warranty option is selected by clicking a warranty button during the shipment booking process, corresponding to the level of cover you require.

How do I make a claim?
To make a claim, simply complete the Myparcel and FreightSafe online claim form found here:

Alternatively, please contact FreightSafe on 1300 733 033 for assistance. Please note, you can only make a claim if you have purchased a warranty option for your shipment and you lodge the claim within 48 hours of delivery or expected delivery.

What isn’t covered?
The following goods are “excluded goods” meaning they are not covered by Myparcel’s warranty:

  • currency;
  • negotiable instruments;
  • jewellery;
  • gemstones;
  • precious metals;
  • antiques;
  • works of art;
  • securities;
  • drugs;
  • weapons;
  • living animals or plants;
  • refrigerated/perishable goods;
  • household and personal effects;
  • second-hand goods;
  • cigarettes;
  • tobacco and tobacco products;
  • glass or glass product and any valuable documents.

In addition to this, Myparcel will not be liable for any claim where Myparcel in its reasonable opinion considers the packaging of goods to be inadequate for road, rail or air transportation.

For further information, please see Myparcel’s warranty terms and conditions:
Warranty Terms and Conditions

Can Myparcel provide warranty on items with a value greater than $500?
Yes we can. If you wish to purchase warranty for an item with a value greater than $500, please open a Support Request with the Category "Warranty".

The warranty excess is the amount paid by the consumer in the event where a claim is made. It is a contribution you are required to pay towards the claim you make.

For Myparcel the excess is $5 for $100 cover, $12.50 for $250 cover and $25 for $500 cover.

Your warranty limit is the maximum amount of money you can receive for your claim, less the excess. Myparcel has three limits, $100, $250 and $500.

Your premium is the amount paid to purchase a warranty. For Myparcel this varies depending on whether the delivery is commercial, residential or international, as well as the amount of cover required.


We highly recommend reading our warranty terms and conditions before purchasing cover and making a claim. These terms and conditions can be found here:
Warranty Terms and Conditions