Does somebody need to sign for the delivery?

A person authorised to receive and sign for the delivery should be available (and contactable) at the dropoff address on the day of the delivery. The only exception is when you have clearly specified a safe, secure and accessible place for the driver to leave the goods in the Special Instructions field during booking. Note that deliveries without signature are […]

Why would I sign up as a member?

Membership is free and without obligation. By signing up you are able to search, download, print and email all your booked and delivered shipment details in one convenient place — the “Member Dashboard”. You can also save time entering new bookings by saving default parcel and pickup details to pre-fill the booking form with when you are logged in. If you use […]

How do I become a member?

To become a member, simply click Sign Up on the top menu bar. Fill out your email address, password and other details (the fields marked with * as a minimum) then scroll to the bottom and click Sign Up. You can also sign up as a member while booking a delivery, then update your profile with your details later.

What if I have more than one type of parcel?

Use the +Add Item button to enter multiple types, weights or sizes of parcels to be sent to the same address. For example, a box and a satchel, or two boxes of different size. You can also alter the Quantity number to reflect multiple of the same item going to the same address. The Quantity can range from 1 to […]

Which parcel type do I choose?

We recommend choosing your parcel type based on the goods you are sending. As a general guide: Satchels/Envelopes: Envelopes are best for flat paper items. It is best to avoid packaging rigid items in envelopes, including CDs or pens, unless bubble-wrapped. Satchels are best for small goods that are not fragile, such as items of clothing. Satchels often come in […]