About Us

Myparcel is the highly anticipated brainchild of Myfreight, a multi-award winning and internationally recognised freight management system.

Myparcel, like Myfreight, strives to simplify the often intricate and laborious task of sending freight, with Myparcel specifically tailored to managing the pick-up and transportation of goods for individuals and small-to-medium businesses.

Myparcel allows customers to quickly and easily book the cheapest or fastest transportation option, analysing numerous carriers' rates in a matter of seconds. Myparcel removes the confusion and chore of sending freight.

Many types of freight can be transported without sign-up, account or hidden insurance fees, and the system avoids the use of annoying pop-ups. Additionally, Myparcel can send freight of almost any dimensions and weight, within Australia or overseas, so you can always rely on us to get your goods to where they need to be.

Myparcel is the result of decades of experience in freight management. We embody this in our website, providing a straightforward and reliable service which transforms our passion for freight management into an effortless and uncomplicated experience for you.

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Freight Integration

Myparcel is part of a suite of freight solutions developed by Myfreight.

If you require a shipping solution for your WooCommerce online store, visit our WooCommerce Shipping Plugin information page for details.