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The WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for Myfreight/Myparcel is a must-have for any WooCommerce online retailer who ships products within Australia.

The WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for Myfreight/Myparcel is add-on software for WordPress websites using the WooCommerce online store. It provides real-time independent domestic shipping pricing for the Cart and Checkout, and prepares the shipping consignment data and labels when the customer places an order.

The plugin accesses Myfreight's massive database of competitive shipping rates from an extensive list of major and regional transport carriers. It presents the lowest cost shipping service for the selected goods to the customer delivery address, or allows customers to choose from a selection of the lowest cost services.

When the Myfreight WooCommerce Shipping plugin is used in conjunction with Myfreight or Myparcel for shipping, the online retailer is able to:

  • provide accurate and economical shipping pricing to valued customers
  • reduce shipping costs by using least cost selection from a range of transport carrier services
  • streamline product delivery by eliminating shipping data entry and managing the list of outstanding shipments
  • automate label printing with professional carrier labels
  • automate manifest printing
  • eliminate trips to the post office as products are shipped from your premises


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Main Features

  • Accurate and instant least-cost shipping pricing for WooCommerce online store
  • One or multiple shipping price options presented on Cart and Checkout pages
  • Address Helper to assist with correct address entry
  • Auto booking data pre-fill in Myfreight or Myparcel upon customer order
  • Eliminates time and rework due to errors in manual entry of shipping details
  • Pending shipment list synchronised with WooCommerce order status
  • Support for multiple store / warehouse locations to ship products from
  • Support for packing multiple ordered products into one (based on customisable rules)
  • Lowest cost carrier service(s) automatically selected based on product details, packing, warehouse locations and customer location
  • Carrier independence - No carrier gets preference over any other except due to price, delivery speed and systems capability.



  • Address Helper displays locality selection list upon partial entry of suburb or postcode
  • Checkout page Address Helpers appear only when suburb/postcode not already entered
  • Shipping data is generated only when order status changed to “Processing” (i.e. the customer has paid)
  • Ability to regenerate shipments when part-shipping or if corrections made to order
  • Shipping details saved on WooCommerce order detail page
  • Myfreight/Myparcel consignment/booking tab opens directly from WooCommerce order summary page
  • All Myfreight/Myparcel consignment/booking fields auto-populated including Carrier Selection
  • List of pending shipments assists with managing the flow of products out the door
  • Fragile Goods supported and auto-populated in consignment/booking
  • Dangerous Goods supported by Myfreight only and auto-populated in consignment
  • Shipping prices provided ex GST allowing WooCommerce to apply GST if configured
  • Store / Warehouse locations configurable per product, and optimal ship-from location calculated per order
  • "Packing" feature allows multiple store items to be consolidated into a larger container for pricing and shipping
  • Shipping within Australia only


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