PO Boxes and Parcel Lockers

Myparcel picks up and delivers freight from street addresses. We are unable to pick up from or deliver to parcel lockers or PO boxes.

How do I label multiple items?

When printing labels for a multiple item booking, the label PDF file provided will contain a different label for each item, including duplicate labels for each pallet or skid. Ensure that you print all pages of the PDF and attach each sequentially numbered label (page) to a different item, and duplicate labels to each pallet or skid (top and side). […]

Do I need to be home when my parcel is picked up?

Myparcel strongly advises you or an authorised person to be present for driver collection of your parcel. If you cannot be present for pick up, you must leave the parcel in a safe, undercover and accessible location, fully packaged with label(s) attached and manifests signed ready for the driver to pick up. This is done at your own risk and […]

What if my parcel is delicate?

When sending fragile goods, it is very important to package them correctly to ensure they arrive intact. We recommend placing fragile goods in the centre of a rigid carton and utilising cushioning materials as protection. We also suggest using “fragile” or “handle with care” labels to indicate to the drivers that there are delicate goods inside.

When will my parcel be picked up?

Your parcel will be picked up during business hours on the pickup day you specified. By default, the pickup date is the next business day after you make the booking, however you can specify a later date for pickup. If you book before 2pm on a business day, it may be possible for pickup to occur on that day, if […]

How do I securely package my parcel?

The general rules for packaging a parcel are to use strong packing tape to seal your parcel or box, make sure labels are firmly attached and clearly visible, and utilise internal cushioning such as bubble wrap, foam or newspaper to create extra padding for your goods. Wrap each item individually to protect them from movement. Remember, the aim of packaging […]

Do I need a printer?

Yes. You need a standard printer to print the label(s) for your freight and the manifest for your driver. These can be printed in black and white on standard A4 paper. Don’t forget to securely attach a label to each item (and 2 labels to each pallet or skid) and sign 2 copies of the manifest ready for your driver!

How do I stack goods on pallets and skids?

The National Transport Commission has a comprehensive guide regarding how to stack goods on pallets and skids. Information specific to pallets and skids can be found from page 35 onwards. www.ntc.gov.au/Media/Reports/(9E12B22A-6156-41B0-F382-136A34520AF8).pdf For further information we recommend viewing the guides listed on some of our carriers’ websites (for links refer to FAQ What are the packaging guidelines?).