Which parcel type do I choose?

We recommend choosing your parcel type based on the goods you are sending. As a general guide:


Envelopes are best for flat paper items. It is best to avoid packaging rigid items in envelopes, including CDs or pens, unless bubble-wrapped.

Satchels are best for small goods that are not fragile, such as items of clothing. Satchels often come in 500 gram (0.5kg), 1kg, 3kg and 5kg limits, depending on the carrier. If you are using a branded carrier satchel but have selected to send it with a different carrier, we recommend turning the satchel inside out.


Cartons and boxes are best for moderate sized items or for goods which should not be crushed or bent. Cartons and boxes are ideal for goods with a weight of less than 30 kilograms (kg).

Choose a box that is durable and can be stacked – ideally made of corrugated cardboard. Make sure your box is well sealed and in good condition. For fragile goods, use plenty of shock absorbent padding inside the box, and label clearly as fragile on the outside.


Pallets and skids are rigid timber or plastic base frames used for transit, which are ideal for stacking items such as boxes on top of. They are best for goods with a combined weight of more than 30 kilograms.

The pallet or skid and the goods loaded on top must be wrapped together to ensure that the goods do not shift during transit. We recommend that you attach the duplicate labels provided for pallets and skids on the top and the side. And if appropriate, label clearly as fragile.

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