About TNT

TNT is an Australian born transport carrier. TNT are known for their detailed tracking and reliable service. Their service operates throughout Australia.

TNT provides both residential and commercial pickup and delivery. However, TNT charge a surcharge for residential delivery at each end – we build this cost into the quoted price you receive when using Myparcel. This charge varies based on the weight of the goods.

  • TNT has booking cut off times that vary by suburb, and change depending on demand. For example, during peak periods TNT may make their cut off time earlier.
  • If you miss the booking cut off time for today, your booking will automatically roll over to the next day
  • TNT has a range of surcharges for manual handling, oversize items, residential pickups/dropoffs and regional areas. Click here to learn more.
            Please note that TNT have a Manual Processing fee for every item which meets any of the following conditions:
            Length less than 200mm or greater than 1200mm and/or
            Width less than 100mm or greater than 600mm and/or
            Height less than 15mm or greater than 800mm and/or
            Diagonal Length greater than 1200mm and/or
            Weight less than 250g or greater than 30kg
            Poor packaging or unstable weight distribution

            Also, Residential Surcharges are applied to pickups from and dropoffs to residential addresses, with the fee based on the weight tier of the entire shipment:
            Lightweight Residential – Less than 30kg
            Heavyweight Residential 1 – 30kg and over, but less than 100kg
            Heavyweight Residential 2 – 100kg and over

            So take these into consideration when planning how to pack your goods and the orientation of cartons.

  • All Myparcel/TNT consignments automatically book in with TNT


Road Express

TNT Road Express is the most cost-effective option provided by TNT. This service operates Australia wide. It does not include a tailgate lift option, so for any items heavier than 30kg there must be loading/unloading facilities (e.g. forklift or loading dock) at both the pickup and dropoff addresses.

Overnight First Class

TNT Overnight First Class ensures your shipment arrives by 5pm the next business day. TNT Overnight First Class has some length, width, and height restrictions but they vary from state to state. Myparcel will not provide you a quote if your freight falls outside these restrictions.

Technology Express

All freight booked using TNT Technology includes a tailgate to unload heavy or awkward items. And fragile goods are handled with no additional surcharge.