WooCommerce Shipping Plugin Customer Operation

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Customer Operation

This section describes the operation of the WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for Myfreight/Myparcel from the perspective of the online store customer. It also includes notes for the developer regarding the styling of the shipping functions introduced by the plugin.


When the online store customer has finished selecting products from the shop pages to add to their cart, they will proceed to the Cart page ...

WooCommerce Cart Page


At the bottom of the Cart page is the Cart totals section, which includes the Shipping fields ...

WooCommerce Cart Totals Section


The Shipping input field shown is generated by the WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for Myfreight/Myparcel.

DEVELOPER:  The Shipping suburb field can be styled with CSS (selector p#cart_locality_field). Note that the original WooCommerce "Calculate shipping" form remains but is hidden. To unhide this form, use JS to remove the class "hide_change_address" from the element p#cart_locality_field.

In order to calculate the shipping price, the destination suburb, state and postcode must be completed in the Shipping input field. This is done by entering either the suburb name or the postcode. When 3 or more characters have been entered, a dropdown list will appear, allowing the customer to choose from a selection of possible suburbs. The more characters that are entered, the shorter the selection list becomes.

WooCommerce Cart Suburb Entry


The customer then clicks the correct delivery suburb in the list and clicks the Apply button to show the shipping price(s) ...

Cart Price Selection


One or more shipping carrier services will be displayed, depending upon the plugin settings. They will be displayed in order from lowest price to highest price. The lowest price service is initially selected by default.

If satisfied, the customer will then click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.


The Checkout page will display with the suburb, state, postcode and shipping selection already completed ...

WooCommerce Checkout Page


If the shipping suburb was not previously entered in the Cart page, and if the "Ship to a different address?" option is selected, the Checkout page will look a bit different. In this case, the WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for Myfreight/Myparcel will insert a suburb selector at the top of the Billing details column and the Shipping details column (if selected), as indicated by the red circled fields below. Additionally, the plugin inserts a "Phone (optional)" field in the Shipping details column, also circled below, as this may be used by shipping carriers during delivery ...

WooCommerce Checkout Page Shipping


After completing all the billing (and optionally shipping) details, and selecting the shipping option (if required), the customer clicks the PLACE ORDER button.

The order confirmation page, including the shipping selection, displays as follows...

WooCommerce Order Received Page


While the order is being placed, the shipping consignment/booking details are also being prepared in the background.