What are some of the most common/useful AHECC Codes?

Some of the most common AHECC codes are listed in Myparcel’s export code selector. Some additional useful codes are:

Item Type AHECC Code
Gingerbread 19052000
Ballpoint pens 96081000
Registers, account books, notebooks, order books, receipt books, letter pads, memorandum pads, diaries and similar articles 48201000
Books 49019900
Photographs 49119100
Cotton Baby Garments 62092000
Sunglasses 90041000
Balls (e.g. Basketballs, netballs, volleyballs, footballs) 95066900
Eye makeup 33042000
Silver Jewellery 71131100
Telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks (Mobile phones) 85171200
Laptops 84713000
Toys, reduced-scale models, dolls, puzzles 95030000
Leather handbag 42022100

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