How does the AHECC code work?

An AHECC (Australian Harmonised Export Commodity Classification) tariff code is an eight-digit code that helps classify a product category/type. It consists of the six-digit international “HS Code” followed by two additional digits specific to Australia (often 00).

For example, if you wished to send a Men’s cotton shirt overseas the code is: 62052000

The first two digits, 62, specify the item is an article of apparel or clothing. This is called a Chapter.

The second two digits, 05, specify the item is a men’s or boys’ shirt. This is called a Heading.

The next two digits, 20, specify the shirt is made of cotton. This is called a Sub-heading.

The final two digits, 00, are specific to Australia and in this case are not being used. This is called an Export Statistical Item.

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