What is the recommended website browser for Myparcel users?

We recommend using Google Chrome for the most user-friendly Myparcel experience. However, Myparcel will work with nearly all browsers, including Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer are the only browser we would recommend avoiding.

Why do I have a price adjustment notification?

Myparcel may send you a price adjustment notification to refund, discount or surcharge your booking. Some of the possible reasons why you may receive an additional charge include but are not limited to: The declared weight is less than the actual weight The freight dimensions that were entered in Myparcel are incorrect Freight wasn’t packaged appropriately Labels were not attached […]

The website is not working as expected

If the Myparcel website does not appear to be working correctly, we would be most appreciative of your assistance in fixing the problem. If possible, please note the following: A description of the problem you are experiencing Any prior actions that led up to the problem The type and version of the browser you are using If possible, a screenshot […]