How do I weigh a pallet/skid?

Pallets and skids may need to be weighed with specialised scales. Alternatively, you can weigh each item on the pallet/skid individually (refer to FAQ How do I weigh my parcel?), the pallet/skid itself and the packaging material, then add all the weights together.

Typical weights of various types of unloaded pallets are:

Pallet Type Typical Weight (unloaded)
Hardwood Pallet 40 kg
Softwood Pallet 30 kg
Plastic Pallet 20 kg
Loscam Pallet 34 kg
Chep Pallet 38 kg


Unloaded skids are often smaller and about half the weight of a pallet, however it varies according to the size and type of skid.

Note that these are typical weights, and actual weights may vary widely. Ensure that any pallet or skid you use is rated to hold the weight of the goods being shipped.

Enter the weight of the loaded and wrapped pallet/skid into Myparcel in kilograms (kg) per pallet/skid.

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