Are my goods hazardous or dangerous?

Dangerous/hazardous goods are any item or material that could endanger or harm drivers, handlers or any persons, property or the environment.

 Myparcel does not ship dangerous or hazardous goods.

It is your responsibility to be aware of the contents of all items shipped and ensure that no hazardous or dangerous goods are contained therein.

For a comprehensive list of dangerous and hazard goods in Australia, please download the Australian Dangerous Goods Code:

In summary, dangerous and hazardous goods include, but are not limited to:

Dangerous/Hazardous Goods Examples
Spontaneously combustible substances Lithium batteries (laptops, phones, etc), phosphorus
Explosive substances Fireworks, flares
Flammable gas Aerosols, perfumes, LPG
Toxic gas Oxygen difluoride
Flammable liquids Solvents, paints
Flammable solids Matches
Oxidising substances Fertilisers
Non-inert chemicals Calcium carbide
Organic peroxides Fibreglass kits
Toxic substances Pesticides
Infectious substances Pathogens
Biological substances Blood tests
Radioactive material Smoke detectors
Corrosive substances Bleach, drain cleaner, chlorine, acid, dry ice


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