How do I print?

There are a number of different Myparcel documents you may need to print, including: Labels Manifests Booking Details Receipts Consignment Notes Customs Declarations / Commercial Invoices Some of these are in the form of a PDF document, and some are in the form of a Web Page (HTML document), and the method of printing each may vary slightly depending on […]

Printing is too small or too big

If you are trying to print a booking, label, manifest, consignment note, customs declaration or receipt and it is printing too small or too large on the page, or using too many pages to print, you will need to adjust your browser’s print settings. Every browser has a different method for changing the size of the print. The print settings […]

Can I email myself a copy of the receipt?

Myparcel automatically emails you a PDF tax invoice/receipt in the booking confirmation email. You can also view, download and email your past order details including tax invoices/receipts via your Myparcel Member Dashboard.

How do I see my previous deliveries?

By signing up as a Myparcel member, you can easily manage your bookings and track all your current and previous deliveries via your Myparcel Member Dashboard. The Member Dashboard can be accessed via the top menu bar when you are logged in. You can search for names, addresses, dates, etc., print or export selected bookings to a CSV file, and […]